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Jaden Lee S
17 November
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Hello! My name is Jaden; nice to meet you! I'm a Japanese major with a love for cultures and manga. I currently spend my free time on tumblr and trying my hand at scanlating. I am one of the founders and an active member of 'Sweet Puriinsu Scanlations' that mainly works on Super Lovers but is sometimes open to collabs. Hopefully, you've heard of us?

I'm currently studying abroad in Tokyo so my apologies for the slow response time!

Gakku! Σ(・□・;)
I forgot to mention! I get really happy when meeting new friends! ‎( *`ω´) Please don't be shy!

A few people suggested adding a donation button on here, feel free to help us pay for manga raws but please don't feel obligated (*´・v・)